3 Books Every Woman Should Read

It isn't a secret that most women are fond of love stories. If you aren't an exception then you will find an interesting romantic novel at the Novelas Románticas library online. It's the place you should definitely go if you want to plunge into the world of interesting love stories. Now, you're offered to check what books have won the popularity among women all over the world.

“Thousands of nights at the open window” Mary Alice Monroe

If you are a single mother with two children, then you are definitely not up to romantic dreams. That was the opinion of the main character of the novel, Fay O’Neal. However, moving to an impressive London mansion has subtly changed something in her mind. The woman immediately realized that she herself and her children would be happy in the new house. It seems that the house is playing in front of its tenants ancient tales, whose characters are the neighbors - the weird old woman Wendy and the mysterious Jack, who does not remember his past.

“Kiss under the mistletoe” Abby Clements

Can a change of residence change fate? In her novel, Abby Clements tries to answer this question.

Rachel and Laurie were best friends in childhood, but adult life and adult affairs separated them. Laurie makes a career in London, and Rachel and his family live in Yorkshire. However, neither one nor the other is satisfied with her current life - Lori can not forget about the man who betrayed her, and Rachel is afraid that she will have to divorce her husband.

An unexpected meeting pushes her friends to the idea of an adventure that will make you look at things in a new way. Girls decide to exchange houses for a while. How will the new situation and the new outlook on life on the worldview of friends? Will a temporary move help solve the life problems of each of them?

“Recklessness of love” Sandra Brown

Catherine Adams’s life changed a lot after her sister and her husband, Peter, died. Now the girl is forced alone to take care of her orphaned niece, a newborn baby. She was not ready for such a turn of events, but even less she was ready to leave her niece in the care of her son-in-law family. She is confident that the girl will be bad there - after all, it is Peter's relatives who Catherine blames for the premature birth and death of her sister.

The girl takes up the education of the baby, but her plans are trying to break the charming Jason - Peter's brother. Will Catherine keep her promise to herself? What will be stronger - the love of a man or responsibility to the child?

Find out why women read romantic novels and how you'll benefit from reading the one mentioned above.