Leadership Development Academy

What is a Youth Leader at TYSN?

Youth Academy

Youth Leaders are qualified members of TYSN who are active in at least one Committee and want to move up and take the responsibility of coordinating a Committee or joining the Advisory Board. To learn the skills to take these steps, TYSN offers a Leadership Development Academy.

The Leadership Academy lasts for 6 months and requires attendance in weekly sessions lasting 3 hours each session. Youth Leaders are compensated $30 each session.

We are looking for TYSN Youth Members who have experience organizing in a Committee, and want to learn more.

We are selecting 8 Youth Leaders who want to learn:

  • TYSNís organizational model
  • Facilitation
  • Campaign development
  • Writing and performance
  • Political and social justice education

How do I get selected?

  • The application period is currently CLOSED
  • Please get involved as a Youth Member in the meantime
  • The application period for the Fall Leadership Academy will be announced sometime in late summer.
  • Sign up for our newsletter (link on the right) to stay up to date

Who is eligible?

  • You must be 26 or under to be accepted into the Academy.
  • We prioritize Youth Members who have already had experience organizing in a Committee and/or have assisted in the creation of TYSNís Leadership Development Program.
  • We prioritize individuals who identify as transgender/gender non-conforming and as a person of color.

What do I have to do to stay in the Academy?

Show up on time, actively participate in sessions, honor the mission and values of TYSN and do a little something extra by volunteering regularly so we know you arenít just here for the cash ;)

Youth Leaders are compensated with a $30 stipend each session and are expected to be there for the full three hours.

How are Leaders supported at TYSN?

Once a Leader is selected for the Academy, they can partner with an Advisory Board Member to help with projects, check in, or help participate in Board Meetings.

Leaders are expected to fill out paperwork with staff, outlining what their goals are during the Academy. Leaders are expected to check in with staff at the end of the Academy on what goals they have accomplished, but staff is available throughout the Academy for support.

How many times can I attend the Academy?

You can only get paid to attend the Academy once, but many sessions are open to the general membership of TYSN, meaning that anybody 26 or under who identifies as trans can attend. If you want to brush up your skills during the next Academy, youíre more than welcome to talk to staff about attending a few sessions.

Leaders who have graduated are also given the opportunity to co-facilitate sessions for the next round of Leaders. TYSN Facilitators are paid for their time, so talk to a staff person if youíre interested.

Download the Complete Program & Leadership Handbook