How to Choose an Underwater Metal Detector?

By the beginning of summer, many people want to get a metal detector. Indeed, thanks to it, you can find various jewelry on the beach and even in the sea. In this article, you will learn about the best underwater metal detectors. The metal detector is a rather interesting and useful device. So many people buy it, hoping to find valuable metals or ancient coins. One of the disadvantages of such equipment is that it is not cheap, and not everyone can afford it.

How are underwater devices different from conventional ones?

A specialized search device allows you to find lost treasures and ancient relics on any beach and near the coast. Of course, if your goal is the seabed, then you should choose a high-class device that can "deal" with mineralization.

  • The devices are tight, they can be lowered to the depth you need (depending on the option chosen).
  • Underwater metal detectors are usually more expensive.
  • They are insensitive to mineralized soil.
  • Models for immersion at a considerable distance from the surface transmit information through sealed headphones, and not through a liquid crystal display.

Before buying a device, study the features of such devices and compare them with your needs. If your hobby is to wander along the beach and find values close to the shore, entering the water only waist-deep, then you should buy an inexpensive “conditionally underwater” metal detector. If you are conquered by uncharted sea depths, and a diving suit is always ready, then get ready to fork out for professional underwater instruments. Metal detectors of this type can be immersed to a considerable depth, both in fresh and in salt water. Check the widest range of detectors at

What Models Are Worth Choosing?

The leader in this category is the Garrett AT Pro model, which you can purchase from us. A great choice for finding items on the shore and in the water, to find old coins and valuables. Universal metal detector is completely waterproof.

The CTX 3030 model from Minelab, which is also presented in our online store, can be used to find forgotten relics. It has a lot of interesting functions and "chips. Minelab Excalibur is a recognized leader in underwater instruments that will help you find real sea treasures. It works at a depth of up to 60 meters, distinguishes ferrous metals from non-ferrous, sees both small and large objects.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is cheaper than the previous model, but it works quite efficiently. It won’t be confused by the mineralization of the soil and unnecessary signals. All the settings you may need are available. You’ll find more tips for choosing a detector here.