How to Create a Good Dota Team?

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular e-sports disciplines in the world. Record prize funds on The International attract more and more players, many of whom decide to create Dota team. Perhaps, you have also had a chance to try Dotabetz and understand how great it is to use your game knowledge to earn money on Dota. Check the tips for creating a team and you will see how important it is. Let's get started! By the way, this guide may be suitable for any discipline.

Why Do You Need a Team?

The answer is simple. A team allows you to open a tournament DOTA 2, which is significantly different from a simple pub. This is the game, where pro-players play, money is paid for and it collects millions of spectators. Tournament DOTA 2 is the next level, completely different emotions and level of perception of the game. Once, having won the next public game, you will understand that you need to move on - to look for or create a team. Perhaps, you decide to take acquaintances or friends and start with them.

What should you know when selecting teammates? The first and the most difficult step is to find the right people. It is not as easy as it may seem first. Where can you do this? For example, there are already many applications where you can see the statistics of the player in DOTA 2, if he has a peg of Steam, and then write a message on the site.

Follow the Simple Rules When Choosing Partners to Play With

  • Search for partners who are equal in level with you. So, you can play faster and work on mistakes. Players who are more experienced than you, most likely will make a choice in favor of a stronger player after the first games. Of course, strong teammates will pull you up, but they will not have enough patience for a long time. It is better to gather a team equal to you in terms of players and train with stronger teams.
  • Choose applications written correctly. If a person writes with errors, and instead of a normal text there is something unclear and deprived of logic, then such a teammate is likely to have problems with the common sense and an ability to be logical.
  • Leaving the application, clearly and briefly describe your experience, and what you want. For example: 25 years old, 5 years in DOTA 2, played more than 10 tournaments. I'm looking for a team to train and at least once a week to participate in tournaments.
  • Do not attach much importance to age. Just take adequate people. It is possible to be adequate at 15.

Follow rules for choosing Dota team and you will be able to find people who will help you to reach all goals successfully. Select the players you can rely ona and get started!