How to be a TYSN Youth Member

To be a Youth Member of TYSN you must identify as a trans or gender non-conforming person, age 26 or under, and want to be a part of an activist and leadership organization. We are not a social service, but we do offer peer support, education and community building opportunities.

Youth Leadership Roles at TYSN

Youth Members

Youth Membership:

A Youth Member is someone who comes to TYSN and participates in Open Hours or gets involved in one of the following Committees:
  • Events & Open Hours Committee.
  • Outreach & Resource Sharing Commitee.
  • Campaign Committee.

Who can be a Youth Member?

TYSN is for anybody who crosses over or challenges their societies perceived gender expectations and/or roles. We are for young people age 26 and under and we prioritize the leadership of young trans women of color.

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People in a Meeting

Leadership Development Academy

After serving on a Committee, Members can apply for TYSN's Leadership Development Academy. TYSN offers a paid training program for Youth Members to develop their leadership skills, understand TYSNís history, and learn critical organizing strategy.

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Youth Coordinators

Intern as a Youth Coordinator

While participating in, or after graduating the Academy, Members can apply for an Internship as a Youth Coordinator. As a Coordinator, you will be facilitating one of the three Youth Committees and coordinating specific Committee work outside of meetings. You will also be partnered with staff, the Advisory Board, and a few community allies to achieve any specific goals you have in your life, related to being a leader within TYSN, your community, and/or your personal life.

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