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Trans Health

Trans Identity

The Restroom Experience

  • Safer Bathrooms in the Twin Cities

    "This is a fairly long list of gender neutral or single stall bathrooms in the Twin Cities, as well as a variety of links to other sites with bathroom information for trans folks."

  • Peeing in Peace: A Resource Guide for Transgender Activists and Allies

    "This resource guide focuses on trans folks and public gendered bathrooms."

  • Stand To Uri-Mate

    "Stand-To-Urimate is a company owned by a transgender man, in Lakeville, MN. They specialize in making innovative, custom-made products for transmen to help live life as seamlessly as possible; helping them to feel more whole. "


  • Book List for Trans Teens

    "The trans-library-geek recommends some books that trans youth may find interesting or comforting or affirming."

  • Hair By Morgan

    "An exquisite, unique hair salon in Uptown, Minneapolis."

  • Tranzmission

    "This is a small brochure to hand out to folks to help them be a trans ally."

  • Accepting Dad

    "This is a blog started by a father of a trans kid."