La'Niya Dixon

Fundraising and Communications Director

About La'Niya

After experiencing hate and violence first hand, District 202 became home. With support, self-care and time to learn who she really is, La’Niya was birthed. Born and raised right here in good ol’ Minnesota, La’niya has spent years learning to be her whole self and building community.

In 2006 there was a series of attacks against Black Transwomen, including her sister and being part of a movement where you saw the blood and broken emotions, friends & family was enough for her to push aside her own fears of being attacked to stand up and fight back. From meetings in community spaces to work with District 202, candle light vigils for the victims of hate crimes, La’Niya was right there organizing. Out of these same spaces, the concept of TYSN was born.

Previously a board member and a participant of the first Leadership Academy cohort, she is now the Fundraising and Communications Director. As such she is happy to see TYSN finally move into the youth-led org it had hopes of being.

In her spare time, La’Niya likes to read and game.

If you’re interested in becoming a sustaining donor or learning more about TYSN’s community presence, please contact La’Niya.

Jahleel Princeton (JP) Arcani

Development and Sustainability Director

About JP

Living life beyond gender JP is destined for greatness. Mixed with a little bit of Thai, Black and Native, JP sprouted in Huber Heights, Ohio where his options were limited by his perspective.

In the Summer of 2012, JP was uprooted from his hometown to blossom and experience life in and beyond the Twin Cities. In his first two years here, JP has taken many leadership and organizing leaps like Frogger. From building relationships through teaching ESL in Americorps to coaching basketball and organizing with anyone from OutFront MN to B.QullecTivE, his versatility and commitment to youth empowerment brought him to TYSN.

As a member of TYSN, JP has grown in his role from first serving as a volunteer, to becoming a Leadership Academy graduate, Advisory Board member here, and is now the Development and Sustainability Director of the organization. But no matter what lily pad JP lands on, his mission to lead young trans folks to a place of healing and self-empowerment will never cease. JP is committed to learning with other trans youth and also supporting broader community to being aware, respectful, and effective in the lives of trans youth.

In his spare time (if such a thing exists) JP enjoys sharing his complex story over a comforting meal of Thai food, learning others’ experiences over a board game or sport, and relaxing with his handful of homies while watching hours of Netflix.

If you’re interested in becoming a youth member, volunteering, or an organization looking to partner, please contact JP at: 612.367.7131

Tayvon Caples

Program Director

About Tayvon

Tayvon is a black and queer trans man who was born in Joliet, Illinois but has lived in the Twin Cities most his life. Born with beats in his blood he attended both high school and college for music but joined TYSN and found the organizer inside. Within 6 months of becoming a member, he joined the first cohort of the Leadership Academy. Soon, he was involved with other community organizations and groups and now spends time investing in making a safe space for other young trans people of color.

Tayvon took on the role of TYSN’s Program Director because he believes that combining arts with community work creates space for people to express their whole selves. He also believes that this combination eases the tensions of organizing and between organizers and is excited to support other young trans people discover an art form they didn’t know they had or better the one they have. In his role he understands that everyone deserves to be able to express themselves and most importantly have someone to listen.

He is more than happy to be the person for trans and queer young people that others have been for him. GO TYSN!!!!!!!!

Tayvon spends his spare time DJ’ing, producing, and gaming.

If you’re a young person interested in joining the Leadership Academy or an Organization interested in finding out more about TYSN’s Network Collaborative please contact Tayvon.

Jakob Rumble

Financial Director

About Jakob

Known for reading over a 1,000 pages in a day and doing numbers faster than a calculator, Jakob is a young trans identified ex-hacker from the Twin Cities. In 2013 he moved offline and into community and came to TYSN at 18.

Full of passion and seeking direction he joined our first Leadership Academy and began to find what he was looking for. After graduating from the Leadership Academy, he continued to engage with the Trans Youth Support Network by serving on the Advisory Board until the point of his transition to a staff member in March 2014.

He likes street art, poetry, and Twin Cities hip hop. In his free time he reads ‘zines, goes hiking, and spends time with family. Jakob can be contacted at: 612.234.5235